NEMSIS 3 Set-Up - Introduction / Overview


Emergency Reporting is now NEMSIS 3 Certified. Emergency Reporting is the only cloud-based records management software provider to have an incident report system where a single report covers both fire & EMS incidents and is compliant with both NFIRS and NEMSIS 3 standards.


  • NEMSIS 3 represents the national standard in data related to emergency medical services.
  • NEMSIS 3 is aimed at improving data quality, enhancing ability to assess EMS performance and augmenting the flexibility of the standard for state adoption.


 Important Notes:

• ER customers will be upgraded to meet state requirements as they are mandated

• Software available as integrated NEMSIS / NFIRS package or as a standalone ePCR solution

• N3 is rolled out by state and PCR data is exported automatically by state

• Customers will receive prior notifications regarding rollover dates to N3


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