NEMSIS 3 Set-Up - Destination Export-Specific Codes

This setting allows your agency enter data points for destinations. The destination then can be chosen from a dropdown list to autofill data within the ePCR.


Once you're in Administration > Incident Settings, click on Destinations


1. If you are editing an existing destination, navigate to the bottom of the Destination Information page

2. If you are adding a new destination, enter known data into the fields provided, keeping in mind that all "red" fields are required

3. From the dropdown 3A for NEMSIS 3 and/or 3B for NEMSIS 2 select the correct code for the destination

*NOTE #1: This dropdown list is provided to ER by your state NEMSIS agency

*NOTE #2: This field will allow our system to send the state-specific identifier code for that destination during ePCR exports

*NOTE #3: Additional destination codes can be added to your account as new ones are added to your state's NEMSIS database

4. Once you're finished entering all the fields for the destination, click "Save"





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