NEMSIS 3 Set-Up - Creating Custom Patient Forms with Signature Capture


This setting allows your agency to create form(s) that allow electronic signature capture.


Once you're in Administration > Incident Settings, click on “Patient Forms”.



1. To add a new form, click on "Add Form".



2. Begin by naming the form.

3. Enter Form Content.

4. Select the following form criteria:

a. Reasons: Select the reason(s) this form is used. The reasons chosen will be displayed in the Form grid.

b. Disposition: Select the dispositions you wish this form to be required within the ePCR.

Example: If you select "Patient Refused Evaluation/Care (Without Transport)", that form will become required whenever "Patient Refused Evaluation/Care (Without Transport)" is selected as the disposition within the ePCR.

c. Status - Active or Inactive:

  • Active = form available for use in ePCR
  • Inactive = form not available for use in ePCR

5. Signature Requirements for the Crew: Check the boxes of the signatures you wish to capture.

6. Click "Save" to complete.




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