NEMSIS 3 Set-Up - Selecting ICD-10 Codes

This setting allows your agency to refine the list of ICD-10 Codes that appear throughout the ePCR.


Once you're in Administration > Incident Settings, click on Required Fields and Customizations



1. Scroll down to the NEMSIS 3 section and click on the "Select ICD-10 Codes" button.

NOTE: The button may appeared dimmed at first. It will appear soon...please be patient since this is a long list and takes a few extra seconds to load.



2. Use the filter text box to find ICD-10 Codes by keyword(s)

3. Check the box adjacent to the codes you use within your agency

4. To see just the codes you’ve selected, select the box “Show only selected ICD-10


5. When finished, click “Close”




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