NEMSIS 3 Set Up - Frequently Asked Questions



When will customers receive notification about the status of ER’s N3 offering?


You will be notified directly by your state when NEMSIS 3 is required.

ER will also post an In-System Announcement on the Welcome Page of your ER account.

Additionally, ER will send an email to our customers in the state notifying them NEMSIS 3 is available.


How I be sure my billing exports will continue to work?


Contact your billing company to confirm they can accept NEMSIS 3.4.X data.

ER also has a documentation package, including sample data, that can be evaluated by your billing company.

Additionally, ER has been in contact with LifeForce and MediCount. If you have a different vendor, please contact for documentation and sample files.


How do I receive training on the NEMSIS 3 ePCR?


ER Training will be conducting weekly webinars on the new system.

Additional dedicated online or in person training can be arranged for a fee. Please contact the ER Training Department at for more information.



What if I would like project management assistance in transitioning to NEMSIS 3.


We would be happy to assist you with project assistance. Please contact our Sales team at for a quote on your project.

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