NEMSIS 3 ePCR - Introduction

Welcome to Emergency Reporting's NEMSIS 3-compliant ePCR, the only cloud-based records management system that gives you the ability to complete a single report that meets both NFIRS and NEMSIS standards.

To get you started, our Training Team has put together a series of Knowledge Base Articles to help administrators set up your agency's account as well as set of articles specifically for you, the EMS professional.

These articles will take you through the entire ePCR, start-to-finish. Along the way, we'll share some key facts about NEMSIS that will shed some light on the arcane world of EMS data collection.

For now, here's a few tidbits of info to get things going:

The NEMSIS 3.4.x data set contains a total of 585 data elements (including Agency Demographics)

Thankfully, the number of national mandatory or required elements for an ePCR is 130.

There are four usage criteria that indicate when the data element is expected to be collected:

  • Mandatory - Must be completed and does not allow for NOT values
  • Required - Must be completed and allows NOT values
  • Recommended - Does not need to be completed and allows NOT values
  • Optional - Does not need to be completed and does not allow for NOT values

"NOT" Values include the following:

  • Not Applicable - The data element is not applicable or pertinent to the EMS event.
  • Not Recorded - The data element is considered applicable to the EMS event but was left blank. The EMS software should auto-populate it with "Not Recorded"
  • Not Reporting - The data element is not collected by the EMS agency or state. This NOT value does not apply to National elements where "Usage = Required"

Here's an example of a data element:

ePatient.02 - Last Name

You can see that

1. Its usage in the ePCR is "Recommended"

2. It accepts "Not" Values

3. It's nillable, which means this field can be left blank and the ePCR will still be accepted by the state.

This all makes sense since sometimes, as a caregiver, we may not be always able to obtain the patient's last name. Not having a last name won't prevent us from completing a valid ePCR.


Ok, let's jump to our first article on completing an ePCR in Emergency Reporting, the Most Trusted RMS Solution.


To learn more about NEMSIS 3.4.x click here


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