NEMSIS 3 ePCR - Adding a Patient, Response/Crew & Delays

This article will explain how to add a patient and provide an overview about the elements within the Response/Crew Panel.



The Response/Crew Panel contains the following three sections:

  • Vehicle Info / Patient Acuity
  • Crew
  • Delay Types


Once you're in the EMS section, simply click on "Add New Patient".


1. The first thing you'll see are the buttons for the ePCR panels (pages). These buttons enable you to quickly navigate the ten ePCR panels.

A few important notes before we dive deeper:

NOTE #1: You'll notice that there is no "Save" button within the ePCR. That's because all data entry is auto-saved as you complete the report.

NOTE #2: In order help you complete a NEMSIS 3-valid ePCR, the report has "red-light, green-light" indicators that appear within the panel buttons. Green is good! Red means something is required or missing:



NOTE #3: Any field with a red asterisk (*) is a NEMSIS 3-required field (Required fields may change based on responses to other fields in the ePCR):



NOTE #4: You'll know you've selected a response to a data point when that data point turns dark gray:



Ok, first up is the Response / Crew Panel is the Vehicle Info / Patient Acuity section.


A. Vehicle Info / Patient Acuity

- Nearly all the fields in this section are required. Depending on your responses to a particular field, other fields may then become required by displaying a red asterisk.

- All apparatus entered entered back at Basic Info 4 will appear as selectable buttons for "EMS Vehicle Number".




B. Crew

- The report writer is automatically added as a crew member.

- To add another crew member, simply click the "Add New" button




- When you add or edit and existing crew member, you can enter the following information:

-- Crew Member (Name)

-- Cert Level (EMS certification level)

-- Role (at the incident)

-- PPE (used at the incident)

-- Exposures (needlestick, injury, etc)



C. Delay Types

Last, but not least, is the Delays section. Simply check the box(es) for any delay(s) you encountered during the course of the incident.

The types of delays you can document include those encountered during:

-- Dispatch

-- Response

-- At the Scene

-- Transport

-- Turn-Around



Excellent! Next up is the Patient Info panel.

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