New Maintenance Module - Equipment Grid Elements

This article describes key elements within the Equipment Grid.


1. This icon indicates the equipment category or subcategory is part of the Safety Analytics package and "feeds" data to the Equipment Gauge.


2. This icon indicates there is a piece of equipment in the category/subcategory that is out of service. The actual piece of equipment that is out of service will also have this icon and appear in a red row.


3. Indicates this is a pending CLEANING item (all CLEANING items appear in black text regardless of scheduled or assigned status).

4. Indicates this pending REPAIR item HAS NOT been scheduled or assigned (as indicated by red text).

5. Indicates this pending REPAIR item HAS been scheduled and assigned but is PAST its scheduled date. (as indicated by the date in red text).

6. Indicates this pending REPAIR item HAS been scheduled and assigned. (as indicated by black text).


NOTE: Each pending maintenance item for OUT OF SERVICE equipment will appear in a red row.



Download a high resolution image of the Equipment Grid: 

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