NEMSIS 3 ePCR - Patient Info

This article provides you information about the sections within the Patient Info panel.




The Patient Info panel contains the following sections:

  • Patient Info
  • Patient's Home Address
  • Medical Documents
  • Contact Info
  • Relative/Guardian
  • Employer Info


Most of this part of the ePCR is pretty self-explanatory, so we'll just point out some key elements and best practices in each section.


A. Patient Info

NEMSIS requires three fields (circled in red) in this section:

  1. Gender
  2. Age
  3. Age Units




1. Entering a DOB will autofill the age and age units.

2. Patient's Height must be entered as feet and tenth of a foot (e.g. 5.5 feet for someone 5' 6" tall)


Decimal Equivalent

1 0.083
6 0.500
10 0.833
11 0.917


3. The Length-Based Color allow you to select the color you used from pediatric emergency tape when caring for the youngest patients. The buttons will disappear when you enter an age greater than 17 years.


B. Patient's Home Address

If the patient's home address is the same as the incident address, you can autofill the fields with one click.




C. Medical Documents

This is where you select any of the patient's advance directive documents you are able to obtain. If desired, the documents can be uploaded within the Files/Signature panel.



D. Contact Info

In the Contact Info section, you can enter phone numbers and/or email addresses.



E. Relative/Guardian 

In the Relative/Guardian section, you can enter detailed information about the patient's relative(s) and/or guardian(s).



F. Employer Info

In the Employer Info section, you can enter information about the patient's employer.



Ok, that covers the Patient Info panel. Next up is Medical History.

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