NEMSIS 3 Export - Running a Manual Billing Export

This article explains the process of how to run a manual Billing Export for NEMSIS 3.


From the Welcome Page Module Button stack:

1. Click on the Administration Module button



2. Navigate to Exports. Click on NEMSIS 3 Medical Billing Export



3. Select the FDID you wish to you use for your exports (most agencies will have only one FDID)

4. Click the "Update" button to display all sections on this page



5. Choose from the following, then click "Generate Export File":


- All Unexported - All unexpected ePCRs will be selected following this criteria

  • Each file will contain up to 25 patients
  • Only Incidents that are complete and reviewed are available for export
  • Export files contain incidents from newest to oldest
  • Only Incident data for the last 90 days are included in the export file

NOTE: The last bullet in this section will indicate how many ePCRs (patients) are available for export


- Incident Number - Just the ePCR(s) for the incident number entered will be exported


- PCR - Just the ePCR for the PCR number entered will be exported



6. Once "Generate Export File" is clicked you will see the following message, "Please wait for the report to be generated."



IMPORTANT: Since each file is limited to 25 patients, you will need to click the "Update" button (Step 4 above) before generating an export file for the next batch of 25 patients.

Repeat this process until the last line in the bulleted list reads, "There are currently 0 patients that are available for export." Be sure to keep a close eye this one!




7. Once the export is generated, an orange hyperlink will appear, "Click to view the file. Right-click and choose 'Save Target As...' to save the file



That's all there is to it! Nice job!

If you saved the file, you'll notice two versions were actually downloaded: 1) a PDF and 2) an XML

Here's an example of each type of file: 

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