New Maintenance Module - Adding Equipment Categories & Subcategories

This article will explain how to add EQUIPMENT categories and subcategories in the NEW (2017) Maintenance Module.

Adding categories and subcategories will help you organize and manage your agency's equipment. 

NOTE: This process is significantly different than the old Maintenance Module.


From the Welcome Page Module Button stack:

1. Click on the Maintenance Module button. The new Maintenance Module will load.


2. To add a new category, you'll need to click on the "Add New Equipment" button.



3. Select the dropdown "Category". Enter the name of the new category you wish to add to the Equipment Module (If the category already exists, it will appear in the results).

4. The "Add New" button will undim. Go ahead and click it.


5. The "Add Equipment Category" window will appear. Check the boxes of the fields you want to be required anytime a new piece of equipment is added to this category (Your selections will also apply to any piece of equipment added to subcategory within this category).

6. Select the "Inspection Frequency" that will apply to all pieces of equipment added to this category (and any subcategories within this category).

7. Select "Add".



Excellent! Now you're ready to add a subcategory to this category.

8. Select the dropdown for "Subcategory".

9. Enter the name of the new subcategory you wish to add.

10. Click the "Add New" button.



11. Select an "Inspection Frequency" for the Subcategory.

12. Click "Add".



13. At this point you've created a new category AND a new subcategory. The window that now appears allows you to add a new piece of equipment to the category and subcategory you just created.


Nice work! 

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