Requesting Maintenance (User w/LIMITED Permissions)

This article will explain how a user with "Limited" permissions in the Maintenance Module can request maintenance on a piece of equipment or apparatus.


From the Welcome Page Module Button stack:

1. Click on the Maintenance Module button. The new Maintenance Module will load (For this example, we will be requesting maintenance on a piece of equipment).


2. Find the piece of equipment by entering data into one of the column header search bars or navigate to it by expanding its category and/or subcategory.


3. Click on the "gear" icon to open the "Request Maintenance" dialog box.

4. When the dialog box opens, the "Request Date" will autofill with the current date but can be changed.

5. The "Requested By" field will autofill with your name but another name can be selected.

NOTE: All fields with a red asterisk are required fields.

6. Next, Select the "Maintenance Type".

Maintenance Types include:

  • Routine Cleaning
  • Advanced Cleaning
  • Routine Inspection
  • Advanced Inspection
  • Minor Repair
  • Moderate Repair
  • Major Repair
  • NFPA Annual Test
  • Hydro Test
  • Other

7. Enter a "Maintenance Title".

8. Select "Equipment Status".


9. Enter a "Description" in the text box provided.

10. If desired, click "+ Add File" to upload an image, video, or document.

11. Click "Request and Close".


12. Nice job! Your request will appear within the Pending Maintenance section of Equipment (or Apparatus) grid.

NOTE: If you placed the piece of equipment out of service, it's info row and any pending maintenance row on the grid will appear red and a warning icon will appear in the equipment's category and/or subcategory.


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