NEMSIS 3 ePCR - Event

The article provides an overview of the Event panel within an Incident.


The following fields are available in the Event section:

  • Protocols
  • Injury
  • Automatic Collision Notification
  • Cardiac Arrest
  • Prior to EMS Arrival
  • Cardiac Arrest Outcome
  • Work-Related Incident

Click the arrow to the left of each section to expand the section. 

The sections marked with a red asterisk (*) are required

Within the Protocols section, clicking Add New will allow you to select from the following options. You can then click Add Another or Done



Within the Injury section, the only field required is Possible Injury. The following options are also included in this section. 


Within the Cardiac Arrest section, the only required field is Cardiac Arrest was Present. The following sections are also available.

Here are the options available within the Prior to EMS Arrival section:

The following options are available in the Cardiac Arrest Outcome section:

The following sections are available in the Work-Related Incident section:

Once you've populated the all relevant sections, you've completed the Event section!






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