Bulk Equipment Import Tool

The Bulk Equipment Import Tool is used to add equipment to your account. It is most useful for large lots of equipment purchased and added to a department’s inventory at one time (e.g. hose).

1.  Start by navigating to the Administration Module.

2.  Select Equipment Import in the Imports menu.

3.  You can use your own CSV (comma separated value) file or our template.

4.  The template is labeled with the field names in the equipment record. Enter your data and save the file. We provide two rows of example data that you should remove prior to saving your data.


  • Equipment ID is a required field. This is the ID number for the item.
  • Use the copy and paste function in Excel to duplicate common data.
  • Place data in the fields that are required for the Category and Subcategory you are importing the equipment to.
  • Ensure your Category and Subcategory are spelled correctly. The system will generate a new Category and/or Subcategory for you if you create a new one or misspell one in the import file.  Category and Subcategory names are not case sensitive using the import tool.
  • Equipment for multiple Categories and Subcategories can be imported using the same CSV file for experienced users.
  • It is recommended to start small by importing a few items to practice before importing a large quantity of equipment.

5.  Add the file to be imported.  If you have equipment data in an Excel Spreadsheet, you can save the file as      a CSV file by using the Save As function.  For Windows users: Select CSV (Comma delimited):

     For MAC users, Save As a Windows Comma Separated (.csv) file:

6.  The next step is to map the fields. If you use our template, this step has been completed for you. If you use your CSV file, map your field title with the System field title:

7.  After mapping is completed, import the data by selecting the Import Data button.

8.  After the data import, a Results page will be displayed:

Great job, check the Equipment Grid to view your imported equipment!!

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