InspectER - Renamed Fields

The purpose of this KBA is to inform you about the five (5) fields in InspectER that are named differently than the web-based Occupancy Module.


During the development of InspectER, five (5) fields were named differently in InspectER. Below is a table listing those fields. 

NOTE: Only the field names are different, data entered into these fields are the same in both the web-based system and InspectER.


  Web-Version FIELD NAME Location InspectER FIELD NAME  Location
1 Fire Alarm Panel Location Prefire Plans Tab FACP/FAAP  Building Panel > Utilities & Critical Locations
2 FD Connections Fire Protection Systems Tab FDC  Building Panel > Utilities & Critical Locations
3 Master Key Loc. Prefire Plans Tab Master Key  Building Panel > Utilities & Critical Locations
4 Sprinkler Room Loc. Fire Protection Systems Tab Sprinkler Room Location  Building Panel > Utilities & Critical Locations
5 Chemical Inventory List Prefire Plans Tab Chemicals  Haz Mat > Chemicals


Web-Based Occupancy Module - Prefire Plans Tab



Web-Based Occupancy Module - Fire Protection Systems Tab



InspectER - Building > Utilities & Critical Locations



InspectER - Haz Mat > Chemicals



That's it...Just five (5) different field names between the web-based Occupancy Module and InspectER.

Thanks for taking time to read this Knowledge Base Article.

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