NEMSIS 3 Set-up - Billing Districts

Configure Medical Billing Districts for NEMSIS 3 so that medical billers can bill the patient appropriately based on a Medical Billing District.


1.  In Admin > Required Fields and Customizations:

2.  Configure the medical billing districts:

3.  Select which types of ePCRs to require medical districts on.  The options are:

  • Never
  • When a patient is transported
  • All PCRs

4.  The following dispositions will cause the field to be required if the option “When a patient is transported”      is selected:

  • Patient Dead at Scene-Resuscitation Attempted (With Transport)
  • Patient Treated, Transferred Care to Another EMS Unit
  • Patient Treated, Transported by this EMS Unit


5.  The field appears in the ePCR on the Billing panel in the Response and Transportation section.  This field will be required based on what was selected in step 3.

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