Archiving Equipment

This Article will provide information on the archiving of equipment.  After equipment is archived they can be deleted.

1.  Start with accessing the Maintenance Module:



2.  If you are not viewing the Equipment Grid, Select "Equipment" to view the Equipment Grid:



3.  Select to Archive the Equipment by selecting the Archive Icon in the Actions Column:



4.  Select "Archive" to confirm the action or "Cancel" to cancel the action:



5.  The archived Equipment can be viewed in the Archived section by selecting the Archive Icon on the upper right corner of the screen:




5.  Archived Equipment can be deleted or unarchived by making and confirming the desired selection.



6.  Confirm the action to delete:



7.  WARNING: All maintenance records for equipment are deleted when deleting the equipment.

8.  A "Bulk" operation can be made to Archive Equipment.  View the Knowledge Base Arcticle here: Bulk Operations - Equipment

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