Performing Bulk Operation - Equipment

To perform Bulk Operations for Equipment:

1.  Start by Navigating to the Maintenance Module:



2.  If needed, select "Equipment" to view the Equipment Grid:



3.  Select items to perform the Bulk Operation by selecting:

  • All items in all Categories and subcategories: Picture14.png 
  • All items in a Category and Subcategories selected: Picture11.png
  • All Items in a Subcategory: Picture12.png
  • Individual Items: 


NOTE: Items can be selected for a Bulk Operation from Multiple Categories and Subcategories


4.  The following Bulk Operations can be performed:

  • Edit Equipment
    • Category
    • Subcategory
    • Assignment to Ownership: Apparatus, Compartment, Personnel, Station (one, two, three, or all four can be selected)
    • Status
    • Notes
  • Add Maintenance Record
  • Archive
  • Print Work Orders


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