Changing an Email for Password Reset - ADMINISTRATORS

The purpose of this article is to explain how local ER administrators can change a user's Primary Email Address.


An email address is required for a user to be able to reset his/her password without having to contact a local ER administrator.

NOTE: At this time, the Email for Password Reset is only used for a password reset request. 

If you're an ER administrator, follow these steps to enter or change an "Email for Password Reset" for any user in your agency's ER account


1. Navigate to the Administration Module.



2. Click on "Personnel List"



3. From the Personnel Grid, select the person you wish to enter a "Email for Password Reset" (double click on the row or the "edit" icon in the rightmost column).



4. Click on the "Security" tab.



5. Enter an "Email for Password Reset".

6. Click "Save".



That's it...You've just entered/updated the "Email for Password Reset" for one of your personnel. Nice job!


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