READ THIS FIRST - Verified Email for Password Reset

This article explains our new verified email requirement for resetting your password.


With the release of our new Password Reset feature, all users are required to have a verifiable email address in order to reset their password without having to contact a local administrator.

The verified email address is necessary to ensure the security and integrity of your account and the entire Emergency Reporting system.

With that said, the verified email address is independent from the email(s) assigned to your user profile.


Upon logging in to ER, you'll see the prompt displayed below. You can either 1) enter and confirm your email address and select "Submit" OR 2) select "Remind Me Later" to proceed to the Welcome Page.

IMPORTANT: You will be reminded to submit an email address every 4th time you log in until you enter and confirm the email address you wish to use for password reset.




NOTE:  You can always change the email used for password reset by navigating to My Profile. Here's a Knowledge Base Article (KBA) to show you how.

Also, a local administrator can also change your email address in the Administration Module. Here's that KBA.

 Piece of cake! Just remember that the reason we need a verified email address for resetting your password is to preserve the security and integrity of your account and the entire Emergency Reporting system.

Thanks for taking the time to read this KBA.



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