Certifications - The Training Officer View

Accessing Certifications from within Training 3.0 provides you with the Training Officer view of Certifications. In order to access this you must have access to the Administration Module and full access to the Training 3.0 Module. This Training Officer view allows you to easily see all certifications instead of having to go into each individuals' personnel record. From this view you can also add new certifications or update ones that are already in place.

For more information on Certifications please view our articles on Certification Settings and Adding Certifications to Personnel Records.


Navigate to the Training 3.0 Module.

Click on Certifications in the Menu Bar.

Here you will see the Training Officer View for Certifications.

From here you have several options for filtering and searching for Certifications.

  • You can use the Expand All  button at the bottom of the screen to open expand all of the Certification Types and Certifications.
  • You can expand just the Certification Type and then the Certification you are interested in viewing.
  • You can search by Name. The predictive search will only show names that have Certifications assigned to them. This will also display only the Certification Types and Certifications the selected individual has.
  • You can choose a specific date as well using the dropdowns for Granted, Renewed or Expires. Only dates that have been entered into these fields will be shown in the dropdown. 

The first four columns are also sortable ascending or descending.

The Notes field will display text that was entered in that field when creating the Certification. This is an easy way to track EMS License number or Pro-Board record number within a Certification record.

If there is a file attached to a Certification there will be an icon in that column which can be clicked on to download a copy.

There are four actions which can be performed for each individual Certification.

  • History: This allows you to see the History of the Certification including renewal dates and previous Certification file.
  • Renew: This allows you to Renew a Certification which allows better record keeping than just editing an expiration date of a Certification. This can be tracked in the History.
  • Edit: This allows you to edit the Renewal Date, Expiration Date, Notes, and Attachment file.
  • Delete: This removes the Certification from the system. This could be used when an individual no longer holds a Certification or you made a mistake labeling the Certification or the Granted Date.


Expired Certifications will be highlighted in red along with a warning symbol on the Certification Type, Certification and Certification record for easy identification.


Adding a new Certification within the Training Officer View can be done by clicking on the Add Certification to Personnel button.

In the pop-up window you can then select the personnel you want to attach the Certification to, the Certification Type, the Certification Name and the Granted Date. These are all required fields. Additionally if the Certification has an expiration Date you can enter that, any Notes (usefully for tracking license or record numbers), and an Attachment such as a scan or digital copy of the Certification. The dropdown selections will default to the top-most entry so adjust as needed.



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