Why am I getting an error that says “403 - Forbidden”?

Short Answer

You are most likely getting this error because you are attempting to browse to https://dod.emergencyreporting.com without a working CAC system.

Long Answer

Emergency Reporting handles NFIRS reporting for a number of DoD bases.

Some DoD bases require the use of special identifying smart cards (called CAC cards) to authenticate the login. To login using a CAC card, you must browse to a different URL than a normal user. (See figure below.)

Login URLs





Troubleshooting CAC Systems

If you’re a DoD user and you’re still getting a 403 error, please try the following before contacting support:

  • Check that your CAC reader is properly plugged in.
  • Check that your CAC card is fully inserted into the reader.
  • Attempt logging into another website that uses CAC authentication.
    • If your CAC login doesn’t work on other sites, it’s likely a problem with your CAC card or reader.

If you’re not a DoD user, click this link to login to the standard, secure page.

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