One Simple Way to Make the Most Out Of Emergency Reporting

It's time to update. One way to improve the usability of the Emergency Reporting system is to upgrade your web browser.

Learn more about web browsers and check what version you're currently using at

Newer browsers save you time, keep you safer, and let you do more online. Update today, we promise it's worth it!

Click here to learn about updating Internet Explorer.

Click here to learn about updating Google Chrome.

Click here to learn about updating Mozilla Firefox.

Click here to learn about updating Safari.

The browser you’re using could be limiting the potential of many of your daily interactions on the Internet.

By simply taking a few minutes to update your browser, you will be able to take advantage of the speed and security of new technology. Some added benefits of upgrading your browser include:

  • Websites using new technology will be displayed more correctly
  • Increased browsing speed
  • A more comfortable web experience
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