Adding Apparatus

This article will help you to add an Apparatus in Apparatus List under the Administration Module.

  1. Navigate to the Administration module.

  2. Click Apparatus List in the Department Settings box.

  3. Click Add Apparatus to add the department apparatus.

  4. All items in RED are required. Apparatus ID is the radio call sign (Example E-1, R-15, Ladder 10, Batt-1, EM-12, 3591, etc). This number can change.

  5. Type in the Department Apparatus Name.

  6. Select the proper Type of Apparatus.

  7. If needed select the NEMSIS Vehicle Type.

  8. Select the Primary Use. (e.g. suppression)

  9. Select Role Of The Unit.

  10. Select Service Level.

  11. Input the Vehicle Number. This is a unique, permanent asset tracking number (Fleet ID) which stays with the apparatus even after it is sold or retired from service.

  12. Input vehicle VIN number.

  13. Input Assigned Station.

  14. Enter Manufacturer.

  15. Enter Year of Manufacturer.

  16. Enter the model.

  17. Enter the Engine Type.

  18. Enter the Tank Volume.

  19. Enter the Pump Type.

  20. Enter the Pump Manufacturer.

  21. Enter the Vehicle Initial Cost.

  22. Enter the Date Placed in Service.

  23. Enter the estimated date for replacement.

  24. Click browse to upload a picture of the apparatus.

  25. You can add Notes of any kind that could not be added in the above fields.

  26. Click the Save button and you are complete in this section.

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