Station List (Dropdowns)

Station List (Dropdowns)

This KBA will explain how to add Stations to your account.

IMPORTANT: Stations = Logbooks. In other words, for each station your add, you're also adding a corresponding logbook within the account.


To Edit a Station:
Click on the Edit button on right side

To Delete a Station:
Click on Delete (trash can) on right side.

To add a Station:
1. Click Add Station

2. Enter station’s name information. If the number is 1, and the name is Station 1, then this station will display as, “1 – Station 1” in the dropdown menu.

3. Click Save

The Station List dropdown information is available in the following modules:

  • Personnel List indicate the station each personnel is most often assigned to.
  • Shift module – Select from the Station drop down menu when initially querying personnel to be associated with shift. Note: Stations will only display in this dropdown menu if stations have been assigned to personnel in their personnel accounts.
  • Basic Info 1 of an Incident Report – indicate which station responded to an Incident.

CSV Download: Click on CSV Download to download all stations into a Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File. For those that have our Mapping Module enabled (extra cost) you can use the Google Earth Export to export your station data into Google Earth for viewing.

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