The settings for Submissions are found in the Interface Settings within the Administration Module.

  1. Click the Administration tab.

  2. Click on Submissions in the Interface Settings box.

This area is a record of CAD data transmitted to ER via the ER’s Web Services method. Administrators should regularly check this information to monitor the data submissions.

Both successful and unsuccessful submissions display here. Each record is potentially only a portion of an Incident. A full Incident is generally comprised of multiple CAD data packages.

If it appears data is not transmitting to an ER account, check this list first to see about diagnosing the problem. This area is in the Grid Viewformat, which allows for searching and sorting on column headings.

How to interpret the CAD Submissions:

  • Log Date: When the individual data package was received by ER, via the CAD link. Submissions display chronologically by date, the most recent first.
  • Dispatch Inc. #: Dispatch Identification Number, for reference.
  • Agency Inc. #: The agency incident number, if it comes over from CAD
  • Method: Which operation received information. The possible methods are:
    • ReportIncident – fills Incident information to Basic Info 1, 3-4, & Narrative
    • ReportApparatusEvent – fills Apparatus information to Basic Info 4 screen.
    • ReportIncidentNarrative – fills Narrative information to the Narrative screen
    • ReportIncidentLocation – fills Address information to Basic Info 3
    • ReportIncidentEvent – fills Basic information to Basic Info 1
    • ReportPeopleInvolved – fills Person information to People Involved
  • Data sent through the CAD Link depends on which data a department’s Dispatch Center collects. Because of this, any combination of the above operations could be available for a department.
  • Validation Message: When there are no problems, the message is Submission Validated Successfully. If there is an error, the error message will describe the problem. Departments with live CAD links will be sent information about each error code.
  • Queued: If Yes, this means that the CAD data is still waiting to be processed. If No, the CAD data has come into the account.
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