FAQ about 1710 Fire Option 1


The NFPA 1710 standards indicate the resources necessary for a department to meet performance objectives. Fire Option 1 tracks the standard as it relates to full first alarm assignment. Recommended staffing and deployment are set as the defaults for this option. An incident is compliant if the following criteria are met:

  • Full Alarm Assignment time (time interval between dispatch and on-scene arrival of all apparatus initially dispatched) meets the minimum
  • Any one apparatus initially dispatched meets the minimum number of people

To create your own objectives, edit the fields shown and click Create Custom Setting.

Minimum Staffing

NFPA 1710 standard requires four firefighters per engine company, one of which shall function as an officer. In the analytics module, this data is calculated by checking the number of people on each individual apparatus (not those who arrived on scene by some other method), and it does not take rank into consideration. Staff only counts toward compliance if they were assigned to an apparatus for that incident.

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