Interacting With The Graph

The graph in the Analytics module changes dynamically based on compliance setting selected, filters applied, and group-by option. The graph initially displays as a bar chart, but will use a line chart to display segments of filtered data based on the second group-by option.

The Y-axis unit of measurement is determined by the first Group-By option. The X-axis always displays the date or time. A user may click on the legend to remove an item from the graph. In the example below, all but ‘NW Whatcom County’ was deselected from the legend:

The date on the graph is also interactive. Click on the point of a line chart, or the bar of a bar chart to filter by date. For example, clicking on the bar above the year 2010 in the image below will narrow down the data to only those incidents that occurred in 2010.

The graph can be filtered down to months, days, and even hours. Use the breadcrumbs in the upper left corner of the graph to back out:

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