What are Roster Code Settings?


The Daily Roster Module allows you to define codes that are commonly used by your department and configure these codes to apply them to open rosters.

Roster Code Settings


Activity Codes

Designed to apply to personnel's atypical activities such as OvertimeSick Time or Traded Shift . To create, click Add New Activity Code . Enter info for Code (a brief name such as OT) and Code Name (e.g., Overtime ). Click the Color Palette icon to assign a color designation. Click Save to apply.


Default Codes

Individual Activity and/or Project Code that will be applied to everyone on the roster. To create, click Default Codes under Settings , then click the list to bring up the codes. Click Save to apply.


Field Settings

Allows roster administrators to enable and disable the use of Activity Codes, Project Codes, and Positions for drop-down menus for existing rosters. To create, click Field Settings and either check or uncheck the off/on boxes. Click Save to apply.



This represents a personnel's role for a specific roster, and is independent of personnel's rank. For example, a Lieutenant may fill the position of Battalion Chief if the ranking personnel is out sick. To create, click Add New Position . Enter a brief code description under Code (such as BC) and then the Code Name (e.g., Battalion Chief). Click Save to apply.


Project Codes

Special duty assignments, for example, temporary assignment to a large wildland fire. To create, click Add New Project Code and enter the brief Code (e.g., WF) and Code Name (Wildland Fire). Click Save to apply.Project codes must be enabled under Daily Roster, Field SettingsCollect Project Code.


Station Groups

Apply to departments using a third-party interface to populate roster information. When in use, this tool is helpful in circumstances where more than one battalion is assigned for a day—it controls which personnel is assigned to which battalion and to which apparatus. To create, click Add New Group and enter the brief Code (e.g. B1) and Code Name (Battalion 1). Click Save to apply. Station Groups in the Daily Roster Module work in conjunction with the Administration Module .



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