Schedule Maintenance Tab

Enter all of the scheduled hydrant maintenance here, as this will add the work order automatically.

To add a schedule maintenance item:

  1. Click Scheduled Maintenance
    • Requested By: Start typing in a name and then choose a name, or use the Me hyperlink to quickly put in your name.
    • Maintenance Interval: Choose from the already created list the type of maintenance that should be scheduled. (Maintenance Interval is created in the Settings area of the hydrant module.)
    • First Maintenance Date: Choose the date that the maintenance should first be entered as a work order.
  2. Click Schedule, and then click OK in the next box that pops up.

NOTE: You may have multiple Scheduled maintenance for each hydrant.

The settings are within the Hydrants Module.

  1. Click the Hydrants tab.
  2. Click on any Hydrant in the Grid View.
  3. Click on Schedule Maintenance Tab.
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