Name & Location Tab

The Name & Location Tab holds details about the each Hydrant. From here you can enter the following information:

Hydrant ID
Identification number of the hydrant.(Manually enter a number or use the Next Id button to the right.
In Service
Select Yes or No accordingly. Value defaults to Yes.
Location of hydrant (a more detailed location than the address alone i.e. at the NW corner of property)
Fill in appropriate boxes for the address as well as Cross St. information as needed.
X-coordinate (horizontal) location, in any format
Y-coordinate (vertical) location, in any format
NFIRS requires decimal degree format for entering latitudes and longitudes. However, you can enter the Lat and Long in any format in the Hydrant module, and the system will convert it to Decimal Degrees on the fly.
Map Page
Reference page in department map books, if applicable.
National Grid
GPS grid location
Parcel Number
Parcel number of the property the hydrant is located on.
The station that is responsible for maintenance. (Stations are populated from the station list in the Admin Module).
The zone that the hydrant is located in. (Zone list is created from the settings area of Hydrants and are independent of the Zone list in the Admin module).
NOTE: For those with Full access to hydrants, create a new Zone by typing into the box and clicking save. This process will save it to the Settings area as well. This applies for all drop down boxes that can also be created in the settings area.
District that the hydrant is located in (created in settings area of Hydrants)

The settings are found within the Hydrants Module.

  1. Click the Hydrants tab.
  2. Click on any Hydrant in the Grid View.
  3. Name & Location is the first Tab displayed.



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