Hydrant Module Settings

The Hydrant Settings are available to users with Full Access to theHydrant Module. The settings are divided up by tabs. The following are details around each setting.


hydrant settings


Refers to the Water District that supply’s the hydrant

Maintenance Types

Build the types of maintenance here (i.e. weeding, painting, repair, etc).


Zone that is assigned by the fire department (separate from Occupancy or Incident Zones).


Type of hydrants as defined by the Fire Department. (Example: wet barrel, dry barrel, steamer, or village.)


Create a list of statuses of the hydrants (ex. In Service or Active, Out of Service).

Service Responsibilities

Who is responsible for the maintenance of the hydrant?


Ownership of the hydrant; generally public or private.

Manufacturers and Models

Specific hydrant Manufacturers and Models of the hydrants. Must add Manufacturers first, and then by clicking on one of the manufacturers you will be able to add models.

Maintenance Intervals

Allows you to create maintenance intervals that will create a work order automatically for that hydrant.


This is for importing hydrants and/or flow tests from another system into your account. You can import hydrant data and flow test data.

NOTE: Please refer to the CSV sample download for an example on the format and column names. Sample can be downloaded from the Import page.

The settings are found within the Hydrants Module.
1. Click the Hydrants tab.
2. Click on Settings
3. Click on any Tab in the Settings screen.

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