NFIRS Exports in Four Steps

Step 1

Login to the system.

Step 2

Click into the Administration Module.

Step 3

Click on NFIRS 5.1 Export under the Export section.

Step 4

Select the month you wish to export and click the Export button.

To ensure a successful export, our system gives you dynamic, real-time NFIRS page validation!

For those states where a county or state fire marshal collects NFIRS data, our system will automatically email the data after the user clicks Export. In states where the departments are required to directly upload data to FEMA, Emergency Reporting’s system will email the NFIRS upload instructions to whomever the department wishes.

Unlock Exported Incidents for Additional Modification: The “Unlock” text displays for users with Administration access to the Incident module on incidents that have previously been exported to the proper authority.
NOTE: Users without Administrator access to the Incident module will not be able to unlock exported incidents.

Users can unlock and edit incidents that have been exported.

To unlock an exported incident:

1. Click Unlock under the trash can icon

2. Click the text to unlock the appropriate incident

3. The incident will then revert to Complete status (yellow padlock) and can be accessed and modified by Incident Supervisors and Incident Administrators.

To unlock an un-exported incident:

1. Click on the incident text to open it

2. Click the Unlock text under the Delete Section

3. Go to Authorize and check the box to allow the call to be re-exported 


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