Manage Inventory Items

Once consumable inventory items have been set up to be tracked in the system, you can manage the quantity that is available, track when new supplies have been reordered, and send notification emails when inventory items reach a critical amount.

Step 1

Click on an inventory item from Inventory List


Step 2

Click the Use Tab to the right of the Info tab.


Step 4

Click Add Use Entry.


Step 5

Add in the date an item was used—as well as the packaging type—and cost of the item in dollars.


To Record Supply Use/Inventory Reduction:

Select Used (-) from the use drop-down, this will subtract from the item’s total availability.

To Add Supplies to Inventory:

Select Added (+) from the use drop-down menu, this will add to the item’s total availability.


Managing Inventory Notification Levels

Set notification in for reorder points in the inventory list by clicking on an item and assigning it to a specific person. Critical amount quantities are also set from the Info page of an inventory item.


Note: To track non-consumable items, such as helmets, hoses, compressors, radios, etc., enter them items as equipment in the Maintenance Module.

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