Library Module Overview

The Library Module allows users to upload and store documents which can be made available to department-wide users.

Library Module Permissions

None Cannot view or access the Library Module
Read-Only May view departmental documents, but may not add or delete documents
Full May add or delete documents

Library Module Permissions are controlled within the Administration Module, under each Personnel record in the ‘Security’ tab.



Adding Files

In the Library Module, the home screen displays the document categories much like your computer’s document folder structure. Users with full permissions can add files to the appropriate category by clicking the ‘Add File’ button. An individual file may also be deleted.


Downloading Files

Each file in a category displays the following information:

  • File name, size and type
  • The date and time the file was uploaded
  • A description of what the file contains

To download the file, click the file name, displayed as an orange link. The file will download to your computer.

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