Message Center Overview

The new, redesgined Message Center module functions more like a standard email program. Upon entering the main screen, you will see the Message Center Inbox. The Inbox can be sorted based on:

  • Date,
  • Sender, or
  • Subject.

Folders containing Sent and Archived messages can also be selected from the main page. All folders are searchable by phrase or keyword using the Search tool in the upper right-hand corner.

Sending a Message

To send a new message:

  1. Select the Compose button from the left-hand navigation.
    Compose button
  2. You now have two options:
    • Internal Message:
      • Send system-wide messages to other users in your account or,
    • External Message:
      • Select users who also have an external email account listed, such as Gmail or Yahoo.1
  3. Click on the link to choose an Internal or External message.
    Compose window
  4. Use the Personnel Picker to create your mailing list.
    Personnel Picker
  5. Use the blue “+” icons to add people to the message. Use the orange “-” icons to remove them.
    • Note: For Internal Messages, only users who have an active Emergency Reporting login within your account will appear in the Personnel Picker for selection.
    • Note: For External Messages, only users who have an external email address listed in their Personnel Record will be available for selection. This includes Inactive personnel, but not Archived. In order to remove Inactive personnel, you must archive them or remove their email address from their profile.
    • Note: An Administrator may add email addresses to individual personnel records from the Administration module.

People who recieve messages from the Message Center in their external accounts will not be able to reply to the message.2

  1. These can be set up in the Administration Module, under each user’s Personnel Record. ↩

  2. All messages sent externally will come from ↩

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