Management Tools and Icons

The Message Center has a few key functions. When viewing the inbox, messages that are bolded are unread, while messages in regular fontare read.


You can delete a message by clicking the trash can icon. This will send the message to your archived folder. Once a message is archived, it cannot be brought back to the inbox.

The search bar in the upper right corner of the b module’s main screen allows for advanced searching. To search for messages, enter a word, phrase, name or any other text that may appear in the header or body of the message. The search function can search for phrases or strings of words.

The Message Center also allows for sorting within each folder. Users may sort by Date, Sender, or Subject by clicking on the arrows to the right of each header.

Reply allows a user to respond to the message originator, and the newly added forward button will send messages to user groups you’ve selected. External email addresses cannot send messages to Emergency Reporting, so both reply and forward are for use with internal messages only.

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