My Incident Stats

Within the My Profile module, you can view My Incident Stats. The Stats display the number of calls you went on for the current year and last year. It also gives you a call rank from all users within your department. Here's how:

  1. Navigate to the My Profile module.

  2. Then click on Stats.

Here is an example of someone's Stats:

The 1st line shows how many calls altogether you have been on and then ranks you (EMS, Fire, and all others).

Then it breaks it down to EMS and Fire calls and ranks you on each one of those.

The rankings follow standard competition ranking style rules, meaning there can be ties, but it skips the ranks below the tie. Here is an example of how that works:
Nick - 1st
Seamus - 1st
Josh - 3rd
Bob - 4th
Adrian - 4th
Steve - 4th
Randy - 7th


Note: This feature also only ranks users that have been on at least one call.

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