Running Payroll Reports

Use the Payroll Reports to calculate personnel payment. You can also use it to track hours and/or points for specified date ranges.

Step 1

Navigate to the Reports Module

In the Payroll Module, click Reports in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2

Next, click Create New Report to start a new report template.

Step 3

Enter the date range

Enter the appropriate Date Range for the report.

Step 4

Select either Summary or Full for report type. Points are not included in summary reports, only full reports.

Step 5

Select all the personnel you would like to include in the report results.

Step 6

Get the report

Click Get Report at the bottom of your screen.

For security purposes, you cannot delete a Payroll Report from the system once it’s been saved with a password. Saving is not required to simply view a report.

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