Performing a Bulk Update in Payroll

Use the Bulk Update tool to change multiple Personnel’s pay grade information, rather than manually changing individual personnel accounts to make pay rate changes. You must create a new pay grade under theAdministration Module before making bulk changes.

Step 1

Click Bulk Update

In the Payroll module, click Bulk Update in the upper left-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2

Next, check Training and/or Working to indicate which fields the rates will be applied to.

Step 3

Select the Pay Grade

Select the updated Pay Grade from the drop down menu. You had to have created this earlier in the Administration Module.

Step 4

Select all the personnel whose pay grades will be changed.

Step 5

Click Update

Click Update at the bottom of the screen.

Updated pay grades will be reflected in the Bulk Update table and each updated personnel’s account in the Administration Module.

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