Requesting New Reports

Emergency Reporting contains more than 600 reports that can be customized using the built in parameters. If a new report is needed, a request may be submitted for review and a cost estimate. A price quote will be sent back to the department requesting the new report. Price is determined by the amount of work needed to create the new report.

To request a report:

  1. Click Request Report from the upper right corner of the navigation 
  2. In detail, describe the needed report (there’s no such thing as too much information) 
  3. Include one report description per request
  4. Click Send, making sure that a valid email address has been provided for follow up

Report Request Policy

Emergency Reporting (ER) strives to provide customers quality support for their fire and EMS reporting and records management needs.

ER accepts report requests and deploys reports to the Report module, for a modest fee that would benefit the majority of ER accounts, in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • When writing a report request, please provide as much information as possible; this will help us better meet your reporting needs. If possible, please provide a document ID of a report that is close to the report that you need. Doc IDs are in the lower right-hand corner of all reports and are generally three to four characters in length (i.e. Doc ID: 999).
  • Please make sure to include a working email address as we will need to work with you to do a complete mock-up of the new/modified report.
  • Include only ONE (1) report description per request. For more than one request please send in multiple request forms.
  • Once the report mock up is done and you have signed off, it will go to our development team for an estimate. 
  • When the estimate is complete, we will send out a contract with the price information in it.
  • As soon as the signed contract is returned we will start the report building process. NOTE: Once the contract is signed and returned, any changes you want to make to this report will possibly incur additional charges.
  • Report requests generally take between 30 to 60 days to deploy, although they can take more or less time depending on the complexity of the report. A time estimate will be included in the estimation process.
  • Report requests that assimilate existing functionality within the system, such as the Incident Print Page (NFIRS and/or NEMSIS) will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  • Report requests that involve removing data from an existing report (i.e. “Just like report 267, but without the column titled Apparatus”) will be declined. A new report may be made to your specification.
  • Reports will start at $250 for a simple report and will be estimated from there at an additional charge of $125/hour.
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