The Reports module contains pre-defined reports to extract and analyze departmental data. Generated Reports display tabular results and, when possible, graphs such as bar or pie chart. Browsing through the reports module, the interface begins at the top level and drills down by topic, report and then user-defined parameters.

Once you’ve located a report that you know you’d like to reuse in the future, add it to your Favorites Tab by clicking the Add to Favorites icon to the right of the report title.

Note: If no icon is present, like in the second row of the image above, the report is already saved under the Favorites Tab.

Access your favorites by clicking the Favorites button in the upper left-hand corner of the Reports Module:

To clear a report from being saved in the Favorites tab, just use the delete function. The Favorites tab can store up to fifteen favorite reports.

Note: Favorites are associated with individual logins.

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