Create Reports to Show Inspection Violations

You now have the ability to filter inspection reports based on custom Observation selections (Pass, Fail, Not Observed, etc) using the multi-select report parameter.

In the Reports Module, open your favorite report that has Inspection Violations, or use the search box and search for violations.

With the new parameter, you can select from the following:

  • all observation values, which will not filter the report on this data,
  • a single observation, which will filter the data on the selected value, or 
  • multiple observations.

To pick multiple observation values:

  1. Choose the Pick Multiple… option.
  2. In Select Multiple dialog box, create a custom list of Observation Values that you can save and reuse at a later time.
  3. Your created list will show up in the Inspection Observationdropdown as a Saved Grouping
  4. Choose this selection to filter the report data on the selected observations.

If you need to modify your choices:

  1. Select the Pick Multiple… option.
  2. Choose your custom list in the Load Selection dropdown.
  3. Adjust your list by adding items or removing them.
  4. Click the OK button.
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