The Shift Module

The Shift Module is where departmental shifts are scheduled and maintained. Enter simple shifts—such as one on, one off—or configure shifts to deal with complicated shift setups. Use the Search Shifts option to query created shifts that meet user-defined criteria.

Shift Items To Keep In Mind

  • Apparatus must be entered into the system through theAdministration Module’s Apparatus List, prior to creating rosters.
  • The Station List, under the Administration Module must be populated prior to beginning a new shift.
  • The Shift Module can interface with the Daily Roster Module. If your department uses the Daily Roster, all Shifts must be locked and have personnel assigned to apparatus. When both these factors are satisfied, people can pull from the Shift Module to populate open rosters.
  • Infinite shifts can be created for any date range, whether a month or a year. When creating shifts, keep in mind the longer a shift’s date range, and the more personnel assigned to the shift, the longer the computer processing time will be to deal with the shift.
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