Identifying Unavailable Personnel

Identify Unavailable Personnel

Before creating shifts, those creating shifts may want to identify personnel that will be unavailable for specific dates in the future. Personnel could be unavailable for shift assignment due to known future absences, such as vacation, training, K leave, and so on. To deal with these future absences, mark these personnel as Unavailable Personnel.

To Make Personnel Unavailable:

Step 1

Click Unavailable Personnel from the Shifts Module.

Step 2

Click Add Personnel.

Step 3

Describe why the personnel will be unavailable.

Field Description
Personnel Select who is to be unavailable.
From Date The beginning date that a person is unavailable (mm/dd/yyyy).
To Date The last date a person will be unavailable (mm/dd/yyyy).
Reason for unavailability Use this text box to include specifics to why personnel is unavailable.

Step 4

Click Save.

The personnel will be added to the Unavailable Personnel list. When a shift is created—and if this person is selected to be on a shift during the time span they’re unavailable—a message will pop up informing you that specific personnel are unavailable.

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