Adding Industry Standards to Training

Emergency Reporting gives you the ability to set-up and associate industry standards in the Training Module.  This can be useful as a tool to track for ISO Categories or simply what NFPA or local standard your training objectives are found in.

For information on setting up Standards please see Part 10 of our Settings tutorial which covers Standards.



The newly created standard can now be used on training classes and training templates. To apply them to a Class or Class Template, do one of the following:

    1. Open a current Class or Class Template. If you need to update a Class Template that has already been built see our tutorial on Editing Class Templates.
    2. Create a new Class or a new Class Template

In the Standards section, click the button marked Add.


Choose one or more industry standards from the list and click the Add button.

 The Standards you selected will be added to your Class or Class Template.

Some other quick things to note:

  • Standards on classes and templates can be deleted by clicking the trash icon in the far right of the grid.
  • Standards can only be deleted in the Training Settings if they are not being used on any classes or class templates.
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