Entering A Training Class from Scratch Part 1: Introduction and Info Page

Page 1 - Info Page

This is the first of five Knowledge Base articles that will guide you page-by-page in creating a single training class from scratch.

Note: Pages in Training 3.0 Auto-Save after each entry made by the user.

  1. Navigate to the Training 3.0 Module.
  2. Click on Add Class.
  3. Enter Class Name.

  4. Enter Class Date/Time.

  5. By default, the Create Class From is set to “Create new Class from scratch”. Keep that setting. Also, the button “Single” should be selected.

  6. In the pop-up box Give your class a Name, select the Date and Time the class occurred on or will occur on. "Create new Class from scratch" is selected by default. For information on creating a Class from a Template click here. A "Single" Class is automatically selected. For information on creating multiple records of a class click here. Once done, click on the "Add Class" button. You will be automatically taken to the newly created class.
    Once inside the class, you will see the following series of buttons (pages). Begin at the Info page.

  7. In the Class Details window you will enter the details about your training Class. Your Class Name and Class Date/Time will be filled in from the initial creation.
  8. Select a Class Category. To learn about setting up Class Categories click here.

  9. Select a Station (optional). This will link the automatically generated Daily Log entry to a specific station and also adds another data point for doing an advanced search in Training 3.0

  10. If, in the Training 3.0 Settings > General Settings tab, “Track Hours by Training Code” is selected, the Class Length will be set automatically when you enter Training Codes. If this setting was not selected, enter the Class Length in hours.

  11. Select the Evaluation Method(s)

  12. Click on the Add Instructors button. You may select from agency personnel or enter an outside instructor’s First Name, Last Name and Agency Name (optional). Next select the Instructor Type. You may only have one Lead Instructor but as many Assistant Instructors and Evaluators as needed. If you try to add a second person as a Lead Instructor it will change the first person to an Assistant Instructor. You may also add any notes specific to the Instructor in the Notes field. Once done click the Add button.

  13. Click on the Add Resources button. To learn about setting up Resources click here.

    Select the Resources needed for the class by clicking the box(es) in the leftmost column of the table. NOTE: Clicking the box at the upper left corner of the header bar will select all resources. Once you have selected all Resources click the Add button.

  14. Click on the Add Training Codes button. To learn about setting up Training Codes click here.

    Select the Training Code(s) for the class by clicking the box(es) in the leftmost column of the table. NOTE: Clicking the box at the upper left corner of the header bar will select all Training Codes. You may also search by Code or Description. Once appropriate Codes have been selected click the Add button.

  15. If, in the Training 3.0 Settings > General Settings tab, “Track Hours by Training Code” is selected you must enter the appropriate amount of time spent on each Training Code as this will calculate the total Class Length. If you have multiple codes that run concurrently divide the time between them so you Class Length is accurate.

  16. Click on the Add Standards button. For more information about setting up Standards click here.

  17. Select the Standard(s) you wish to apply to this class by checking the box(es) in the leftmost column. Once done click the Add button.

  18. Click on the Change Location button. Select an existing location OR enter a new location. Once done click the Save button.
    NOTE: If you enter a new location, the new location will be automatically added to your agency’s list of locations.

  19. Finally, enter any Objectives in the text box provided.

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