Create or Edit Your Inspection Results

In the Occupancy Module, you can customize the results that are available to describe the result of an inspection. Basic examples include Pass, Fail, or Passed with minor problems. These results will then appear in the Inspection Form 3—Finalize Inspection screen in the Inspections tab. Here's how you do it:

  1. In the Occupancy Module, click on Settings at the top of the screen.  
  2. From there, click on Inspection Results. This will display the currently available items.  
  3. You may edit these results, and you may control how they preform after they are selected.  
  4. When the result is open, you may edit the name and description. You can also force additional requirements.

Follow-Up Inspections

  • Two check boxes are available for follow-up inspection purposes: You can also find these check boxes by clicking on the inspection result.
    • Allow Follow-up Inspections for this result type: Enable this option for result types that may involve a follow-up inspection. When inspections are selected with these results enabled, a link displays in the Inspection List to follow-up on violations. This option makes follow-up inspections available for inspections, but not required.
    • Require Re-Inspection for this result type: Enable this option for result types that will always require a follow-up inspection. Enabling this feature will not allow users to close-out inspections with the appropriate result type selected until a follow-up inspection has been scheduled manually.

Optionally, you can automatically populate these dropdown menus with some basic, default codes. You may choose to use one or all of the default codes using the following instructions:

  1. The Default Codes section is available in the Administration Module under Dropdowns.  
  2. Click on Prefill Default Codes.
  3. Check the Inspection Results box.  
  4. Click Insert. All ten codes will be added to your dropdowns. You may use or delete any code that is not currently in use.
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