Occupancy Action Codes

What are Occupancy Action Codes? Types of actions taken. Examples: Letter sent, follow-up call, returned phone call.

Where does this information display in Occupancies? It displays in the Actions tab.

NOTE: The action codes can be color coded so as to differentiate between the different actions one might apply to an occupancy.

  1. Click on the Occupancy Module.

  2. While inside the Occupancy Module, click on the Settings Tab.

    • Occupancy Settings: This takes you to the main settings area for the Occupancy Module; inside this menu is where most functional changes are made to the OccupancyModule.
  3. The Occupancy Module Settings screen will display. This is the Setup screen for many of the functions of the Occupancy Module. Choose Occupancy Action Codes.

    • Occupancy Module Settings (Main Occupancy Module Settings Screen) is the area where the Occupancy Module is controlled.
    • Occupancy Action Codes (Main Action Codes Screen) shows the Code/Codename, so for example it could be: Paper/Paperwork Received.
  4. Occupancy Action Code Items to Keep in Mind:

    • Code: These broadly describe a type of action code. These categories may be classifications, such as Elevator, Fire Extinguisher, or Knox, CO.
    • Code Name: These explain the code in detail. Examples include Code Knox or Knox Box Setup/Change. Or this could also be your secret code name, such as "The Eagle," or "The Stealthy Ninja."
    • Each Code, and Code Name is established and explained by you.
    • Use names that make sense to your department, so that people who didn’t create them will be able to use them effectively.
  5. To add a new Occupancy Action Code, click on the Settings Tab then Occupancy Action Codes.

  6. Click Add New Action Code.
  7. Enter a Code Name.
  8. Pick a color for the code by clicking on the color palette.
  9. Enter a detailed description for the code in the code name field.
  10. Click on the Save button (Disk Icon).
  11. To edit an Occupancy Action Code, double click on Any Existing Action Code.
  12. You may edit Code Name, Code Description, and/or color.
  13. Make sure to save your changes by hitting Save.

To delete an Occupancy Action Code:

  1. Inside the Occupancy Action Codes Screen (shown above), click on the Trash Can (Indicated).
  2. Confirm your choice to delete the action code.

You've now learned how to add, delete, and edit Occupancy Action Codes.

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