Uploading a Driver's License (or other certification)

If you have the need to store a copy of the driver’s license for your personnel, then you can upload a copy for each person under their name and store the expiration date.

  1. From the Home Page, click Administration.
  2. Click Personnel List.
  3. Select the person you want to add a Driver License file to and click to Edit that person.
  4. The Personal Information tab will be the first tab. You can store the driver’s license number here.Enter the driver's license number
  5. To store a copy of the driver’s license, click on the Certifications tab.
  6. Click Add New Certification.
  7. Fill in the information in the Add New Certification dialog.
    1. Select the Certification Type.
    2. Select the Certification Name.
    3. Add the Granted Date. In this case, enter the date that the person got their license.
    4. If available or applicable—the Expiration Date. This is the date that the license needs to be renewed.
    5. Add any additional notes for the certification.
    6. Finally, you can upload an image of the driver’s license or certificate.  Once the image is done loading, proceed to the next step.
  8. Click Add to complete the process.

Each time the person renew's their driver's license, you just need to click on the Renew icon  to enter their updated information.

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